Healthier “Pinspiration”

Do you love Pinterest? I sure do! Fashion. Home décor. Inspirational Quotes. I pin it all! There are also lots of great healthy recipes! However, it can sometimes be hard to stay focused on health while scrolling through tempting pictures of Oreo Nutella Cheesecake and other crazy combinations. These pictures plant obesogenic ideas in my head that I would have never even thought up myself.

That’s why I am here to tell you about another great website. Have you heard of Healthy Aperture? Healthy Aperture is a photo food gallery and was created by Registered Dietitians (Janet Helm & Regan Jones) as an alternative to the junk food ridden Pinterest recipe page.

You can scroll through attractive pictures of lots of healthy recipes, all approved by Registered Dietitians. Healthy food bloggers (many of which are also RDs) can submit recipes to this site for consideration. By clicking on the picture, you are taken to the recipe from the original website.

Are you ready to get inspired? Check out the recipes that I can’t wait to make! Many of the recipes that I pin were originally found on Healthy Aperture.

Fall Recipes

Winter Recipes

Spring Recipes

Summer Recipes

Also, check out my success page. This Pinterest page is filled with recipes that I have actually made and turned out successful (including tips in the commentary).

And for those that are interested, this Washington Post article highlights one woman’s journey to use Pinterest as a way to learn to cook healthier. Happy pinning!