12 Days of Christmas Fruit & Veggie Platters

Only 12 days left until the big day! Here is a roundup of the best fruit & veggie platters from around the web to take you all the way to Christmas. Sweet treats are handed out left and right this time of year, so nutrient dense produce is exactly what the season calls for to give your blood sugar and waistband a little break. These would also be great to bring to class parties for children, or any holiday party. My family always serves appetizers on Christmas Eve, so I hope to see an inspired platter such as one of these at our celebration.


1. image via Roo mag

2. Image via Julia Usher


3. Image via Little Wonders’ Days

4. Image via Ginger and Garlic

5. Image via good + happy days


6. Image via What about Watermelon

7. Image via My Spice Sage

Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter

8. Image via Betty Crocker

Crudite Christmas Tree

9. Image via Wendy Copley


10. Image via Wanna Green Bean

11. Image via Veggie Wala

12. Image via Keitha’s Chaos

Craving veggies yet? I hope that these images inspire you as much as they inspire me! For plenty of other Christmas food ideas, see my Christmas Food page on Pinterest. Looking for a cute holiday veggie plating, rather than a veggie platter? Check out my Christmas tree plating of brown rice, green beans, and cranberries. Stay tuned for healthy holiday snack ideas!

– Kelly

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