Evy Tea: Local, Luxurious, and Undeniably Healthy

My tried an true shopping spots are the bulk bins in Whole Foods Market, so needless to say, packaged goods aren’t really my thing. It is a rare treat to find bottled beverages that are delicious, natural and healthy… much less ones that are “Kelly-approved”. Most flavored teas have sugar, or (possibly worse) artificial sweeteners. But not Evy Tea. Evy Tea is simply cold brewed tea layered with various complimentary flavors. No sweetener necessary.


I was recently introduced to Evy Tea in the Fall 2013 issue of Edible Boston. Then, upon my good fortune, I got to sample all 3 flavors (Amber Oolong with Rosemary and Orange Zest, Moonlight White Tea with Apricot and Jasmine, and Decaf Green Tea with Fig and Pomegranate) at the pop up Farmers Market at the Harvard Square Anthropologie. The Rosemary flavor in the Oolong tea was unexpected in the best way possible, so that’s the bottle I came home with. This flavor also placed first in the 2013 North American Tea Championship. I knew I had good taste!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love tea. But this isn’t your average 4 o’clock brew. This tea is thoughtfully crafted, healthy, and, dare I say it, sexy.


The slender, chic bottle is reminiscent of a fine bottle of liquor or wine. But unlike liquor or wine, Evy Tea is calorie free and loaded with nutrients! I have a soft spot for companies that make health foods desirable and fun, so of course, this is right up my alley. And I can’t say I’m not a sucker for the gorgeous bottle. Just look at it!

DSC01507Evy Tea (“The World’s First Premium Cold Brewed Tea”) is available at fine food purveyors in the Boston area, and is also available online. To learn more about Evy Tea, pick up the current issue of Edible Boston!
– Kelly