10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living (Part II)

I love scrolling through inspiring, healthy images on my instagram feed! When I first got hooked on instagram as a tool for healthy inspiration, I blogged about my 10 favorite accounts (check it out here). Since then, I have discovered several more beautiful accounts worth mentioning. So without further ado, here are 10 more of the best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living.


@caitsplate: This nutrition grad student uploads pictures of her meals. All healthy, all beautifully photographed. I am impressed that a grad student is able to incorporate so much variety into her diet!


@alaskafromscratch: Lovely pictures of the great outdoors! Makes me want to get away from my desk and explore.


@cannellevanille: This account has the perfect mix of food and outdoorsy nature shots. The Pacific Northwest is definitely an inspiring region.


@simplehealthy: I love this account because of the artful photographs and creative, healthy meals.


@gkstories: This blogger/author has INCREDIBLE photographs of food and food production.


@luisegreenkitchenstories: Same blog as above, also with gorgeous food and nature shots. Bonus points for the emphasis on nutrition!


@natural_healthy_me: Plant based meals from (another) nutrition student. I’m a sucker for the playful staging and soft lighting.


@shiramcd: Colorful shots of healthy food. Always a treat to scroll through this one!


@siobhano_: I love the healthy meals depicted by this plant-based food blogger!


@irinahp: Food, flowers, and other inspiring images. I love the cheery colors that Irina captures!

And there you have it. If you haven’t seen my original post about the 10 best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living, check it out here. Also, now that you have a feel for the images that inspire me, feel free to check out my account (@kellytoupsrd). Who are your favorite inspiring instagrammers?

– Kelly