Weekend Web Roundup

Those that know me best know firsthand that I am a die-hard book pusher and article emailer. What can I say — I have a passion for sharing and curating content. In lieu of keeping these articles in my inner circle (and also because the blizzard allowed for more screen time than usual, #whatjunoaboutdat), I thought I would share a few fun features from around the web!

School Lunches Around the World - Sweetgreen

School Lunches Around the World // Sweetgreen: To bring attention to school nutrition, Sweetgreen (my current favorite fast casual restaurant) recreated typical school lunches from 9 different nations, including the United States. It’s fun to scroll through the different lunch trays to see how the US stacks up! These meals might be intended for children, but they certainly give me plenty of ideas for my own lunches. (However, it’s also worth noting that in few other countries outside of the US is children’s food terribly different from adult food.)

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - New York Times

What 2000 Calories Looks Like // New York Times: The average American adult needs approximately 2000 calories per day, a goal that’s easily attainable with a few carefully planned, home-cooked meals. However, it is also easy to blow through a days worth of calories in just one restaurant outing. In this incredible photo feature, journalists capture what 2000 calories looks like in food from several popular chain restaurants, as well as a few days worth of home-cooked meals. This will definitely make you think twice before eating out again!

28 Days of Kindness - Greatist & Kind Bar

28 Days of Kindness // Greatist + KIND snacks : For the month of February, Greatist (a fun nutrition and wellness site) teamed up with KIND for a month-long random acts of kindness challenge. Giving back is such an incredible boost to mental health and happiness, and I’m absolutely loving the fresh ideas on this calendar! (Like #20- make sure everyone in the group convo feels included. So easy, yet so meaningful!) If you feel inspired to join the challenge (and I hope you do!) share your acts of kindness on social media using #28daysofkind. You might win some freebies from KIND bar, and more importantly, you might also inspire someone else to pay it forward!

What’s on your radar this week?

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