Weekend Web Roundup

It’s been awhile since my last web roundup, so today I’m sharing a few fun features that recently caught my eye. What sites have you been bookmarking lately?

Mediterranean Diet Manifesto

Mediterranean Diet Manifesto // I love this punchy infographic from registered dietitian Elena Paravantes. For those of you that have trouble picturing what a “real food” or “whole foods” diet looks like, print this graphic out and stick it to the refrigerator or pantry door. A few of my favorite snippets of advice are “Talk During Meals,” “Eat Beans at Least Twice a Week,” and “Eat Fruits and Vegetables that are in Season.”

Obesity & Food Policy Infographic

How Food Policy Can Help Curb Obesity // My concentration in grad school was Food Policy, so I love nerding out over these sorts of public health analyses. This graphic from The Lancet is a great jumping off point to brainstorm solutions for obesity prevention and public health nutrition.

Menu that Encourages Healthy Choices

Restaurant Menu Layout that Encourages Healthy Choices // Speaking of public health… In this article for The Atlantic, Cornell researcher Dr. Brian Wansink shares strategies for restaurants to use that subconsciously encourage diners to choose healthier options, by simply tweaking the menu design. If you enjoy these types of health hacks, you’ll love Wansink’s books, Slim by Design, and Mindless Eating. (I wrote a bit about Slim by Design here.)

Wright Kitchen, by photographer Brittany Wright

Food Gradients // Seattle photographer Brittany Wright became an Instagram sensation after posting captivating pictures of food neatly arranged by color. Her prints are available in limited edition runs on her website, so if you see one you like, snatch it up quickly! For a regular dose of Brittany’s shamelessly OCD food styling, be sure to follow her on Instagram (@wrightkitchen).

50 States of Food from Fooddiggity

Foodnited States of America // Ending on a lighter note, I just had to share this delightful collection of punny food art from the folks at Foodiggity. They creating each of the 50 states as visual food puns, and are posting the project on Instagram (@foodiggity) using the hashtag #foodnitedstates. Follow along with the project on Instagram (they have about 40 states so far), or read more about the project on Foodiggity and Yahoo.

– Kelly

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living (Part III)

You know how fast food commercials can leave you craving fries or a burger? This is the same idea, but in reverse. Scrolling though healthy, inspiring images on my Instagram feed makes me crave whole foods and trips to the farmers market. Below are some of my current favorites. Also, check out Part I and Part II of this series for more of my favorite accounts!

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@thecrunchyradish Beautiful, healthy meals from an NYC-based Registered Dietitian

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@aboutanja Tons of great farmers market shots

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@dagmara_ch So many healthy meal ideas!


@dicanelo Bright colors and nutritious meals

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@mindful_nutrition This one will definitely have you craving fruits and veggies

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@livingthehealthychoice Someone that eats oatmeal as much as I do! So many healthy, inspiring meals here

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@sweetgreen This salad chain is new to Boston, but I’m already obsessed

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@feltbyheart You can’t scroll past this one without craving fruit

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@fluxi A great mix of healthy meals and beautiful San Francisco

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living

@lauren_a24 Colorful plant based meals from another Registered Dietitian

– Kelly

10 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Living (Part II)

I love scrolling through inspiring, healthy images on my instagram feed! When I first got hooked on instagram as a tool for healthy inspiration, I blogged about my 10 favorite accounts (check it out here). Since then, I have discovered several more beautiful accounts worth mentioning. So without further ado, here are 10 more of the best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living.


@caitsplate: This nutrition grad student uploads pictures of her meals. All healthy, all beautifully photographed. I am impressed that a grad student is able to incorporate so much variety into her diet!


@alaskafromscratch: Lovely pictures of the great outdoors! Makes me want to get away from my desk and explore.


@cannellevanille: This account has the perfect mix of food and outdoorsy nature shots. The Pacific Northwest is definitely an inspiring region.


@simplehealthy: I love this account because of the artful photographs and creative, healthy meals.


@gkstories: This blogger/author has INCREDIBLE photographs of food and food production.


@luisegreenkitchenstories: Same blog as above, also with gorgeous food and nature shots. Bonus points for the emphasis on nutrition!


@natural_healthy_me: Plant based meals from (another) nutrition student. I’m a sucker for the playful staging and soft lighting.


@shiramcd: Colorful shots of healthy food. Always a treat to scroll through this one!


@siobhano_: I love the healthy meals depicted by this plant-based food blogger!


@irinahp: Food, flowers, and other inspiring images. I love the cheery colors that Irina captures!

And there you have it. If you haven’t seen my original post about the 10 best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living, check it out here. Also, now that you have a feel for the images that inspire me, feel free to check out my account (@kellytoupsrd). Who are your favorite inspiring instagrammers?

– Kelly

10 Best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living

I’m not hugely into social media. In fact, I’ve never even had a facebook page (gasp!). But if there’s one thing I do love, its getting inspired by beautiful images. That’s why I love instagram (and that’s also why I have over 10,000 pins on Pinterest). #guilty

There are plenty of nutrition, health, and fitness accounts on instagram. But I’m not looking for images that promote fad diets, extreme exercise, or anything heavily processed. What I look for in an instagram account are beautiful images of farm-fresh produce, great scenery and photography, and inspiring quotes that remind me why I love my body and why I want to treat it with care. Confession: I also love design and lifestyle accounts. It’s good to not think about food all the time!

So here it goes… The 10 best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living:


@lululemon Staying fit has never looked so fun! Only lululemon could make sweat look fashionable. Now, if only I could afford the gear…


@hannadale The beautiful, balanced meals and the gorgeous European outdoor shots make me want to go on a hike, and take homemade, organic granola with me.


@greatist Healthy living at it’s greatest. These enticing images will inspire you to get fit and get moving.


@passportsandpancakes Gorgeous photography of whole, unprocessed foods, as well as other food and travel shots. Megan’s photos will inspire you to get into the kitchen and prepare something from scratch.


@unsqgreenmarket New York City. Farmers Markets. Could there be a sweeter combination?


@yogainspiration While I don’t practice yoga on a regular basis, this daily dose of yoga inspiration definitely makes me want to up my game.


@amy_stone It’s not a traditional pick for a healthy living blog, but I can’t help but be inspired by the gorgeous pics of life’s simple pleasures! While ice cream gets photographed a bit more frequently than I would like, what I really can’t stop drooling over are the pictures of fresh berries, ocean waves, and colorful hydrangeas.


@yogabeyond Great photos of people practicing yoga in scenic locations. I only wish the logo wasn’t there!


@chobani I’m a proponent of choosing organic and pasture raised dairy products, and unfortunately, Chobani doesn’t fit the bill. But nonetheless, their instagram account is awesome, filled with lovely pictures of colorful parfaits and other nutritious creations.


@bountyhuntervan This account is loaded with beautiful images of farm-fresh produce. Melissa can stimulate a vegetable craving in even the pickiest of eaters.

As you can see, these certainly aren’t the usual nutrition instagram suggestions. But these are the kinds of images that inspire me to live healthier, and I hope that they inspire you too. Now that you have a taste of my style, don’t forget to follow me on instagram as well! @kellytoupsrd

Who are your favorite inspiring instagram users?

– Kelly