My Favorite Relaxing Yoga Videos

As the season of free outdoor fitness classes comes to a close, I’ve been on the hunt for a way to sprinkle in more movement without breaking the bank. I’ve since learned that Youtube has much more to offer than just hair tutorials and John Oliver segments, and have stumbled down the joyous rabbit hole of free Youtube yoga videos. Below are a few gentle routines that I keep coming back to. Nearly all of these routines are less than 15 minutes, so they are the perfect low commitment way to get into yoga if you’re new to the practice.

15 Minute Yoga to Wake Up (13:16) // Yoga by Candace

This video starts off super calm and gentle, so it’s a nice, soothing way to start the day, especially if you haven’t had your morning coffee.

Yoga to Get the Juices Flowing! (8:27) // Yoga with Adriene

If you feel like you have been sitting at the desk (or on the couch!) for too long, and need a quick stretch break to feel energized and get the juices flowing, this video is perfect. I also like to do this one in the morning when I wake up.

Yoga for Upper Back Pain (12:03) // Yoga with Adriene

Like most adults with a desk job, I tend to hold a lot of tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Since regular massages aren’t in the budget, this quick yoga routine is a pretty nice alternative. I also enjoy Adriene’s 15 minute sequence for lower back pain.

Yoga for Tired Legs (26:58) // Yoga with Adriene

With cooler autumn weather making appearances in Boston, I’ve been trying to go running more regularly. My sore body has not been as amused as my health-conscious heart, so stretches that soothe achy legs are a welcome treat. I have tried a number of post-run or “yoga for runners” sequences, but this video is my favorite routine to fill that need. This video is a bit longer than the others on the list, but it’s super relaxing, and not at all strenuous.

5 Minute Before Bed Yoga (6:56) // Yoga by Candace

This short sequence is a great stretch to do right when you are ready to go to bed. Sometimes I also do this one right when I wake up, if I’m so tired that I can’t fathom getting out of bed. Candace also has a 10-minute, before bed yoga sequence that I enjoy.

Do you have favorite yoga or fitness Youtube videos that you return to time and time again? Share the link in the comments!

– Kelly


Try a Tri

photo 1This past weekend, the Boston University Triathlon Team hosted an abbreviated, indoor triathlon event called “Try-A-Triathlon”. The purpose was to introduce people to the sport and to get a feel for transitioning between the various events.

The race consisted of a 200M swim (that’s 8 lengths of the pool), followed by a 15 minute ride on a stationary bike, followed by a 1 mile run around the indoor track. The bike could be set at any resistance that you were comfortable with, and since everyone had to bike for 15 minutes, the swimming and running are were the places to focus your efforts if you were looking to make good time. The race was staggered into 7 heats of about 10 people each, and most swimmers shared a lane (as there were only 5 lanes). In the photo above, you can see the pool to the left and the bikes to the right.

I am not really a swimmer (or a runner, or a cyclist), but the length looked manageable so I signed up willingly. Additionally, I was excited that I could try all of these events in the temperature controlled paradise that is the BU gym. After all, Boston winters don’t make for great triathlon conditions.

“Try-A-Triathalon” seems to be an annual event at BU, so if I’m in the Boston area next year I definitely want to give it another try. Have you ever finished a triathlon?

– Kelly